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(Role play) Flt. Admiral A. T. Kociero, Captain's Log. Entry 1. "Finishing up" (4407 A.D)


|| FLEET REGISTER: RT01 AIS 'Nobilis Historia': RT-class Dreadnought: AIN 1st OSF: D1:TF1

|| COMMANDER IN CHIEF: Flt. Admiral Amiori Tenshi Kociero

|| DATE: 15-11LD. 6 I.D.S || LOG ENTRY: #1

|| SUBJECT: 'Finishing up in Montes Lumen. Time to head home."


It's been a long deployment, but it's time to head home. To recap from my previous entries, Supreme Admiralty deployed 1OSF, including my Division, to the far Tempest Ridge as part of a wider naval deployment exercise in case of a larger scale conflict developing in the Ridge. While it never hurts to be prepared, I cannot help but question the decision to deploy critical Navy assets to the Remote sector of Montes Lumen; given the situation developing back home. Nevertheless, for as long as I am in command, Nobilis Historia will serve and protect the Terran people, and if Admiralty sees it fit, then I am in no position to question their decision.

The deployment was largely uneventful. After linking up with elements from 1OSF D2 in Tempest Delta (including the cruiser RV288, under the command of my good friend Captain Drex Linoran, always a pleasure), we sailed G-East and made a point-jump to Montes Lumen. Nothing to report in Delta, the systems is very quiet these days, with most of the civilian populations of the Outer Sectors returning to the Core Systems under the new Imperial Guidance.

Regardless, RV288 and two other RVs joined our Group for the trip into the Montes Lumen debris fields, it's always good to know Captain Linoran has my back, as I have his. The graveyards of Lumen remain as cold and dead as they ever where, not even privateers from the Ridge Nebula venture into the boundaries of the field; I guess pirates are more superstitious than Imperial Navy Crews. Regardless, it is not an easy feeling sailing through a place where hundreds of thousands of Terran servicemen and women lost their lives defending our home.

We didn't waste much time in leaving the debris field, one of Linoran's escorts dusted a derelict carcass on the way out, heading G-South. Inconsequential, but made for an amusing light show. I'll have to note that down in the performance reports, though: can't have Imperial Captains showing any unprofessionalism, even out here in dead space. Once clear of the graveyard, Linoran's cruisers detached our group and sailed G-East again; I assume Tempest Command has the lighter units on further patrols, I don't envy him going out into the Ridge. We set our course G-West and engaged supercruise back under the shadow of the graveyard.

Nothing to report. We completed the patrol with no noteworthy events (aside from the blip I mentioned earlier, but that is not what I'd consider noteworthy to this mission). It will be good to finally be heading back to the Core Systems, I have some leave on Lorentis booked when Nobilis docks at the A.R.A.S for the recall. I will take a moment to relax on the Old Earth Reserve before thinking about what the Admiralty has planned for us next.

Though I must take the time to make note of the somewhat unusual nature of Nobilis's recall, since we only got underway just under a cycle ago. ATCOM won't be specific over the nature of the order, and the Engineering Chiefs haven't reported any set-backs, so I can't help but be curious that something important has come up.

We'll make the jump from Lumen to Delta, then on to Primus; where we will finally enter Aquarian space again and I can let my hair down. That is, unless this 'recall' is something concerning in and of itself.

Captain Amiori T. Kociero, signing off.

|| END LOG ||

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