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(Role play) Flt. Admiral A. T. Kociero, Captain's Log. Entry 3. "Fairly Straightforward" (4407 A.D)


|| FLEET REGISTER: RT01 AIS 'Nobilis Historia': RT-class Dreadnought: AIN 1st OSF: D1:TF1

|| COMMANDER IN CHIEF: Flt. Admiral Amiori Tenshi Kociero

|| DATE: 15-11LD. 6 I.D.S || LOG ENTRY: #3

|| SUBJECT: 'A straightforward engineering audit."


ATCOM pushed the order through my station as we entered Lorentian space. This entry will be brief, since I have to sort something out before we hit port...

... I confirmed it, this will be my last entry. If you read this, I served the state with everything I had, my 'connections' to the terrorist that you have declared my father, is arbitrary to my service to the Imperial Fleet and Aquarius.

La spada che colpisce per primo e per ultimo.

|| END LOG ||

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