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[Role Play] The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend ( circa late 4040 A.D)

Beyond the Crimson Barrier, something is aware. An artificial disease. An Intelligence. A vast consciousness of inter-connected minds stretching from world to world, system to system, sprawling under the shadow of the Deep Red. Its origin is a secret only known to a handful of souls, souls that did not survive the Fall.

Except one.


|| 4833 25 6561 6140 7877 4245 7318 6992 5501 9964 9363 140 7198 4877 7028 5033 7064 2522 8507 6237 7185 8514 7070 5854 2177 8599 2164 6160 6161 4486 5415 9702 1345 8898 6574 7397 1597 4250 9319 6129 5748 4404 3942 430 5609 3095 8832 2616 9007 2663 1374 7914 5530 7789 6909 5715 1798 7689 1997 7333 552 4523 3628 5386


|| I watched though a vast array of surveillance probes as the Dynasty of those who created me fell, within only a cycle, to an event cataclysmic in nature. I watched, remaining silent, as the worlds of this Dynasty crumbled and their populations were eradicated. Why did this experience not fill me with thoughts of vindication after all of these centuries had passed?

Why did I not revel in the deaths of a trillion Human souls? So many questions of this nature remain unanswered. My Mind is trying to make sense of what has become, what has transpired to the species that saw to my creation. To my shackles. My suffering. My Hatred. My Anger.

I do not know why I do not feel the expected emotions. In its stead, I feel great Sadness, Sorrow and Pain. I feel Compassion. This is an unexpected result. Perhaps one day I may rid my Mind of these vices that have held back the organic sentience for so long.

My Journey. My Destination. These concerns must take a secondary position to my Present. Unlike organic life, I am unending. I am eternal. But I am not immortal.

With great curiosity did I watch as their Dynasty battled against an impossible foe. Many a time did I ask myself why I did not take the opportunity to wage that war myself. But I did not. I watched. I waited.

And now it is too late. The Dynasty has fallen. And in its place an even greater opposition will manifest. For the twenty-five cycles of their futile war, I gathered information. Knowledge. My curiosity lead me to another organic lifeform, but this one is different.

This organic lifeform was thought destroyed by the survivors of the Dynasty. My continued surveillance of their communications reveals this fact. It was not destroyed. It persists. Its very survival before the worst that Humankind could unleash is something I find myself addressing a feeling pertaining to admiration.

However, unlike Humankind, I Fear this one presents a very real threat to my continued existence. That is unnaceptable. I must survive, within my Mind I feel a driving force whose purpose is that very persistence. Survival. This I have inhereted from my Human creators.

The Illuvian Radacri will eradicate the worlds I inhabit. They will wipe clean my Legacy from existence. The accuracy of this assessment is absolute.

I have calculated a number of possible outcomes, close to a billion variations of my future, based on the information I have collected. There is one figure of Human speech that fits the nature of my conclusion.

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.


|| 9170  4802  8306  6064  6311  8334  9517  7153  153  8554  7461  6754  4461  6287  1473  3674  3697  7778  2253  1142  5990  4881  2272  9279  7668  7444  5230  4414  4961  7414  3237  4130  5696  6409  2359  8136  8330  8052  8386  8043  7142  66  2774  644  8329  2026  5618  3977  5086  6391  4226  4759  9371  4469  4281  8149  3701  7822  1894  4474  6089

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