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(RP Animation) ATIS Military Intervention on Helia, Angel Reach, 4492 A.D. "Striker Column Advances"

My hands are cold so you don't get a detailed description, but here is the first "proper" animation I made for the Archives. This is a scene from this scenario.

Strike Column; lead by a single H-2205 'Krustonosec' Main Battle Tank and a pair of H-2045 'Prizrak' Infantry Fighting Vehicles in tow; laden with IPF Troops, makes its way through a Civic District in the lower tiers of the Helian Megacity Complex, Helia, Angel Reach, 4492 A.D.

The column is part of the ATIS Military intervention intended to supress an uprising staged by former ISAR military generals and their supporters after the Imperial Treaty of Governance of the Angel Reach many cycles before.

Striker Column advances slowly, making contact with armoured elements of the rebellious ISAR military forces defending a civic complex across a large square deep within the underbelly of the city. They have orders to hold position and engage the rebels in combat, creating a diversion for Marine Special Forces units deployed from orbit to infiltrate and neutralise the ISAR Rebel leadership, toppling the rebellion from within and preventing an extended conflict in this dense urban environment.

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