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(RP) Cult. (Unknown Date)

Deep in the writhing underbelly of the Great Eye of the Tempest Nebula, something stirs, something familiar, yet almost unrecognisable. Intertwined in the fate of an entire people, it grows each passing cycle, gaining strength, almost as if guided by a singular purpose in a way reminiscent, somewhat ironically, of the very people that it had set in its sights.

When the Corporation opened the Rift Lock, they did so unknowingly allowing something to pass through the Unsealed Gate into Aquarius, into the very heart of the Angel Nebula. It is no coincidence the Corporation's days were numbered, as its fate was decided that very moment. Some years later, it vanished without a trace; leaving behind only abandoned derelicts and the ghosts that stalk their decks, endlessly reliving a horrific fate in the darkness.

Perhaps the fate of the Corporation was more closely linked to the Director's vision than anyone could have imagined.

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