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(RP) Homeward. New Friends... and Old Foes. (Preview)

After the Great Exodus of the 2100s, the Earth fell into Turmoil. The Russo-Sino Alliance founded the CEG with the remaining Earth governments after the Western Alliance left the Earth aboard the Colony Ship Eridonia. Centuries passed under the CEG, the new state embracing the totalitarian regimes of the old states that formed it.

However, during the early 24th century, the nations of the African continent, previously unnoticed on the World Stage and essentially ignored by the new Central Earth Government based in China; the African States had undergone a huge period of advancement in technology and development. By 2330 A.D, a united African state rose to the world stage to challenge the CEG, calling itself the African Unity Republic.

It was now time for Africa to take its place on the world stage and beyond. Expecting an easy victory, the totalitarian CEG deployed its military to North Africa from their bases in Europe, with the intention to bring the continent into compliance with the CEG order. The invasion stalled under heavy resistance from AUR military units, deploying advanced technologies mostly original in design. By the dawn of the 25th century, the Earth had once again plunged into a global war; between the CEG seeking to destroy all opposition, and the African Unity Republic; seeking freedom and liberty from the shadow of the regime.

The conflict would escalate and ultimately result in a stale mate and an uneasy ceasefire between the global Russo-Sino and new African superpowers. Both the AUR and CEG had occupied colonies throughout the Solar System, and local conflicts were common place, but the uneasy peace would last until an astronomical anomaly would compress time and expose the Solar System to the accelerated future of the descendants of the Western Alliance; who themselves had suffered what many believe to be the curse of human civilisation: fascism. A new, galaxy-wide war would escalate between the CEG, AUR and ATIS... But can the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet find new allies in the African Unity Republic? And together could they fight to restore humanity to freedom?

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