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(RP) Keeping the Peace in the Sector Rim. (Part 1) (Backstory) (4410 A.D)

Deep-Space, Kellar-Cooperation, Fringes of the Sector Rim Nebula. The Sector Rim Federation established a presence in this system some 100 years prior to First Contact with the Vujlcyon Conglomerate from the neighbouring Deep Red Nebula, then it was known as"SR-012" in the SRF astronomical databases. During this time the relatively unremarkable solar system saw limited development ultimately culminating in the establishment of a permanent installation on the system's only planetary body of interest: SR-012-A, or "Blue Marble"; a frigid icy world with a thin atmosphere of ammonia and traces of oxygen. Its frozen surface was surveyed during the discovery of the system and found to contain plentiful deposits of rare metallic elements critical in the art of Senlani Shipbuilding, Draughtsmanship, that underpins their spacefaring culture. Such elemental conditions only found to be present in the Sector Rim Nebula.

As such, Blue Marble was placed under the protection of the Sector Rim Federation's Defence Fleet (SRFDF) and classified as a World of Interest by the Senlani Government. Such status afforded local, mostly privately owned, corporations a lot of rights and protection. During the initial expansion of the SRF, outward pushes into the surrounding Rim Nebularic regions were spearheaded by private development, before being reigned in by the left-leaning Senlani government as the civilisation matured as a space-faring entity. Such privatisation is now strictly controlled, with government intervention in almost all areas of industry - ensuring that the prosperity of the SRF People as a whole, is the foremost interest of all activity.

Corporations of Blue Marble's planet-side infrastructure were allowed to remain relatively independent of SRF control until First Contact was made with the Vujlcyon Conglomerate, some hundred cycles after the system's first discovery. Due to its strategic location between the Sector Rim and Deep Red Nebulas; occupying the only viable Subspace lanes, the system was the focal point for Vujlcyon-Senlani diplomacy. As profiteering as they are wise, the Vujlcyon were quick to draw up plans for a partnership with their local-cluster neighbours, and as such the official Trade Alliance was formed in 6109 SRC (Sector Rim Calendar). Subsequently, the system was renamed "Kellar-Cooperation", the namesake of which was taken from the warm relationship between the two species; at the forefront of the Vujlcyon side was the Kellar Family in the system of the same name, in VC space; working closely with their new-found Senlani allies in establishing the first cross-border trade routes and solidifying the SRF's inclusion in the Trade Alliance.

As of the current date, Kellar-Cooperation remains a key landmark on the Deep Red - Sector Rim trade route, and as such, hosts a significant military presence from the Sector Rim Federal Defence Fleet - deterring outlaw activity that may threaten the high volumes of civilian shipping in the area. On the Vujlcyon side, the VC Trade Defence Fleet's Outer System Task Force handles patrols from the Kellar to Peace system, handing over security to the SRFDF at Kellar-Cooperation. The Senlani Military's fast response capability is renown throughout the sector; discouraging all but the most confident or foolhardy pirates.

Peacekeeping operations by the SRFDF in Kellar-Cooperation are primarily handled by the Fleet's 1st Sector Security Response Unit, with elements of the Senlani First Fleet allocated to border defence duty should they be needed.

Three Seralo-class Heavy Cruisers of the Senlani 1st Sector Security Response Unit approaching the far-orbit of the icy world SR-012-A, also known as "Blue Marble", in the Kellar-Cooperation system. The outer fringe of the Sector Rim Nebula can be seen in the distance, with the core Senlani Star systems within it. The Task Force is part of the SRFDF deployment to the region in light of increasing pirate actiity from mostly human-lead criminal organisations migrating from the Angel Reach.

SRFDF maintains regular high-profile patrols on the major hypercruise lanes throughout the system; the deployment of capital ships such as the Seralo-class Heavy Cruiser is not uncommon. Such activity openly deters opportunistic pirate activity through a sheer show of military force alone, though any criminal elements foolhardy enough to test the SSRU's ability to enforce the law, learn quickly that it's not just for show.

Due to the volume of traffic, often high-value export and import shipping, Kellar-cooperation has been targeted by larger, organised criminal cartels similar in nature to the infamous Tigersharks Clan of the Angel Nebula, in Aquarius. This far north of the Crimson Barrier, however, human beings are few and far between, with only the most daredevil explorers or profiteering entrepreneurs willing to risk traveling to the Sector Rim. Though human-Senlani relations are stable, they are not well established and as such, human beings are restricted from entering the core worlds of the Sector Rim Federation.

The reputation of humans in the region has been tarnished by the recent influx of organised groups from the Tigershark clan migrating G-north from the Angel Reach, after being almost entirely pushed from the region by the UAS, and subsequently, ATIS Imperial Navy before the turn of the 45th century. As such, humans are often known as criminals or outlaws in the fringes of the Sector Rim Nebula, and viewed as such by the Senlani authorities. While the Vujcyon Conglomerate are more tolerant of humans in the Deep Red, their strong co-operation with the SRF on security places some level of cautiousness on humans seeking to cross into Vujlcyon space and beyond.

Local pirate factions lead by non-human species consisted mainly of the Tyandirr Privateer group known as "Tya'Skair" (~Imperial Clan); while the Tyandirr Third Imperium officially denies any links to the group, it is widely believed they are sponsored by the Tyandirr Emperor to disrupt Senlani trade with the Vujlcyon - a theory supported by the growing animosity between the two species, with the Conglomerate essentially acting as a 'mediator' preventing an all-out sector-wide conflict that would likely result in a Tyandirr military occupation o the entire region.

Tya'Skair attacks are opportunistic in nature and focus on civilian shipping deviating from the official hypercruise lanes (often in an attempt to cut costs in tolls/distance). Such activity is discouraged by the local Senlani authorities, but not illegal. Regardless, system-wide patrols aim to limit the number of civilian ships caught unprotected in systems like Kellar-Cooperation. Privateer groups are very much aware of the extremely quick fast response capability of the SSRU; often being able to arrive on the scene of a distress signal within minutes of it being detected.

As such, Tya'Skair activity reduced and the group began to withdraw back towards the Taran nebula, further supporting the theory of Tyandirr Imperial Government involvement (though officially, the Tyandirr Imperial Fleet is openly hostile to Tya'Skair raiding parties operating in the Taran sectors). However, offshoots from the mostly human Tigersharks Cartels, migrating north from the Angel Reach, have encroached on what used to be Tya'Skair territory, establishing themselves a foothold in the region. While experienced raiders, the Tigersharks have little to no experience in dealing with the Senlani military and operating this far from human occupied space.

For the Senlani, this sudden influx of human privateers caused a major concern, with diplomatic channels being opened to the ATIS Council; Senlani officials demanding the Aquarian Imperial Navy do more to stop the spread of human criminals from Aquarius. Officially, the ATIS Council is working closely with the Sector Rim Federation on a joint-security operation supported by the Vujlcyon Trade Defence Fleet in the Crimson North region; essentially acting to cut-off the only viable Subspace Jump lanes from Aquarius to the Sector Rim Nebula. However, a major military intervention in the Crimson North region by the Aquarian Imperial Navy had yet to materialise, by 4410, with a focus on the Angel Reach and the militarisation of the Varal System.

Subsequently, in light of increasing criminal presence in the region, the SRFDF has moved elements of the Senlani First Fleet to the outer fringes of the Sector Rim Nebula in order to clamp down on the pirates, amidst increasing reports of Senlani - and Vuljcyon traders coming under fire from previously unknown raiding groups.

Over the course of the next five cycles, the Senlani Military would conduct a series of major operations in the region, in the name of security - pitting Senlani pilots against their human counterparts in several open conflicts. However, it would soon be realised by the Tigersharks raiding groups that the Senlani aren't about to tolerate their presence on the doorstep of their homeworlds.

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