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(RP) Return to Origin. (Unknown Date)

For millions of years the Clawed Descendants of the Skaj'hirr spread among the stars, forced to abandon their Origin in the Old Age. For millions of years their culture and physiology changed and adapted to their new found homes among the blood-red worlds of the Taran Nebula. An ancient race, yet only in recent times had they truly embraced their innate warrior culture to spread their dominion, without question, to any and all that stood in their path.

That race, now known as the Tyandirr, heralds of a mighty inter-nebularic empire they call the "Takh Ime'rakh" (Third Imperium) , stretching from the base of the Taran Nebula to the Straights of The Great Eye, some thousands of light years galactic-north of the northern tip of the Aquarius Cluster. Until recently, the Takh Ime'rakh did not play a large role in the history of the young, mammalian species of sapiens claiming their own heritage lied beyond the Shifted Wormhole, Sol... Earth.

An arrogant claim considering their history, one that they shared with the Takh Ime'rakh's most hated enemy, the Senlani, from the Blue Nebula - that of which they now call the Sector Rim in their arrogance. A trait they share with Humanity, and one that the Takh Ime'rakh's Scholars will attribute to much more than coincidence.

For a hundred-thousand years, the Takh Ime'rahk followed the wisdom and guidance of the Shaskh El'rahk (Shadow Elders), who sought to guide their Empire to its rightful place among the stars. But that rightful place has always been, in the mind of the Tyandirr, upon the fertile soil of the one world they so passionately long for. Origin.


To say that the Tyandirric culture over the hundreds of thousands of years of the Tahk Ime'rahk's reign, had lost the knowledge of its distant past, would be an arrogant assumption. It is in fact installed in the very core of their culture to one day reclaim what was taken from them in the Old Age, and rid the Stars of their Ancestors of the plague that is those creatures that call themselves Terran.

The one obstacle in the path of the Tahk Ime'rahk's war machine being the location of the lost world of Origin; in a distant galaxy on the far edge of the universal plains. But that information may have unintentionally been brought right to them by the very descendants of the creatures that started it all.

The Shaskh El'rahk had acted once already, to prevent the sapiens from opening the Shifted Wormhole, permanently bridging Aquarius and Sol. Their actions echoed forgiveness and compassion, for the Tahk Ime'rahk stood on the brink of a genocidal crusade of all that is Terran in Aquarius and beyond. But the time would soon come when the Shadows will no longer be able to hide the Truth from plain sight, from their Tyandirric Brothers, and they will have their homecoming.

They will return to Origin.

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