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(RP) The Second Battle of Eridonia. (4521 A.D.) (Intro Part 1)

After the liberation of the Aquarian Home System in 4242 A.D from the scourge of the Pirate Cartels of the Angel Reach, no one could have imagined that a mere three hundred cycles later, the fate of the Home System would once again hinge on the actions of a brave few, or perhaps; many. But indeed, Humanity is wrought in the fires of war, forged in the flames of conflict; after all, it is all we know.

The attack happened much sooner than we expected. Naval Intelligence had approximately 3 Eridonian Days notice to prepare for the arrival of the first alien fleet elements. This, in and of itself, was a feat given the inconclusive nature of essentially all intelligence coming in and out of the Taran Nebula. Scouts in the Angel Reach detected Subspace Echoes consistent with a two-point standing gate jump between the Core Systems of Aquarius and the Taran Nebula. Of course, it wasn't a large jump to conclude that the target system was Eridonia.

-Fleet Admiral J. Rykhani, 1st Rapid Response Force, Eridonia Core Sector Fleet, Aquarian Imperial Navy

We had enough forces to hold the aliens at bay for a while, or at least we thought. I wouldn't say overconfident; I would say cautiously optimistic. We all knew how much preparation for an eventual attack on Eridonia had already taken place, after all; this is what we had trained so much for. It's the fighting with your back to the wall; as a whole State, a whole Species - that idea knowing that there's no one coming to bail you out if you fail. 'Those are the thoughts that make us human' they say, but at the same time, I can't help but contemplate the idea that we may be standing on the brink of the final days of humanity in Aquarius.

-Unnamed Ensign, 1st Rapid Response Force, Eridonia Core Sector Fleet, Aquarian Imperial Navy

Despite all the anxiety, the fear, the 'human' elements of the 'machine'; we stood together as one. There isn't much more impressive and awe-inspiring than seeing an Imperial Dreadnought getting underway with a dozen cruisers at her side, all ready to give everything they have to something I'm a little cautious as to call a 'final stand'. We were scared, we're human, after all. But we absolutely had the courage and the dedication to see this through until the end, whatever that end would be.

-Unnamed Ensign, 3rd Standing Guard Force, Eridonia Core Sector Fleet, Aquarian Imperial Navy

The precipice we stand upon now, as a people; a species, unified, represents a turning point in our history. I will not draw from the history of the human species, but from Aquarius; as Aquarians, we have defined our own history; one that today, we will proudly enshrine in the annals of human history as a moment that we took our place among the stars, and we stood by it. Unwaivering.
As your leader, I stand by each and every one of you - from the highest to the lowest ranks. Each and every one of you will do your part, and I will do mine. I will work from behind the scenes to co-ordinate and direct your passion into a stalwart and tangible shield that, let me tell you now: will hold back these alien, inhuman aggressors. But not only that, after they have worn themselves down upon the barbs of our shield, we will return the gesture ten-fold, in-kind, and promptly. The enemy has declared they cannot co-exist with us without genocide; and so we will accept that declaration and deliver unto them, a genocide never before seen in the history of their people, or ours.
Let the Aliens test our ability to wage all-out war. They will not find us lacking.

-The Director, excerpt from The Director's Speech, broadcast to all Imperial Navy units taking part in the first-phase defence of Eridonia, 4521 A.D.

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