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(RP Video) Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet Infonet Recruitment Video - Angel Reach (4462 A.D)

An Infonet Recruitment video Broadcast to the brutally oppressed ATIS-occupied Independent Systems of the Angel Reach in 4462 A.D by the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet. Despite being transmitted on open-frequencies to hundreds of millions of people in the Angel Reach, the recruitment drive's benefits greatly outweighed the risks involved in provoking an Imperial response. With the dawn of the Aquarian Civil War in 4461 A.D, the ISAR territories would provide the bulk of the EFPF's fighting forces, effectively forming the backbone of the new Military of the resistance, fighting for Freedom in Aquarius.

The Infonet Video depicts the Legendary Endeavour-class battlecruiser, Pathfinder, whose captain, Ronin Kociero is often considered the greatest symbol of human freedom in Aquarius. The Pathfinder remains one of the most powerful warships in the entire cluster at the dawn of the Civil War, and a symbol that Freedom will prevail against all odds.

The video also depicts the former Imperial Navy RT-P3-class Dreadnought Nobilis Historia, flying EPF colours as the Caronline Anne Webb; after she was captured during a daring operation in the Battle of Corona 4461 A.D, after her former captain-turncoat - and Ronin Kociero's Daughter - Amiori Kociero - assisted the EPF in exploiting her experimental electronic systems. The battle of Corona was a major strategic victory for the fledgling EPF, and despite heavy losses, proved that the rising faction could indeed stand up to the might of the Aquarian Imperial Navy in open combat; ushering in the dawn of the Civil War proper.

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