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RWV: Sash does Infested Salvage (for the first time). Also: an update.

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Seriously. Over 3,000 hours in Warframe, and this is (I think, I can't remember doing it before) the first time I've played this game mode. Lately, I'm playing almost exclusively solo, because lately I've just been feeling that way. And I feel I can enjoy the game a bit better solo because I can take my time to 'take in' the environments and actually be immersed in the WF universe - something I've not actually done a whole lot of before now (in missions, that is, quests are awesome).

Anyway, I'm playing as Ivara Prime, because Ivara <3 and obviously I had to have the prime version that just released, too. Stealth is my game now, and I'm playing so much without even killing a single mob. Though, in this game mode I had to slicey slicey some infested... so yeah. By the way, I am also doing a compilation of videos of me doing the 'Spy' game mode with Ivara (and Infiltrate <3), because Holy Cow I didn't realise just how detailed some of the Spy Vault levels are. That's just the thing about playing Stealth - I can really appreciate the detailed level design in this otherwise very fast-paced don't-really-notice-the-map-details shooter & looter. So kudos to DE's level design team I guess.

Oh, and I've decided to allocate 100% of my Ryzen 7 3700X's time to World Community Grid for the next couple of weeks (maybe). I'm gaming on my Ryzen 5 2600X and Radeon RX 590 machine for the time being now. Also it was cool to see that I didn't really notice the difference between it and the 3700X and 5700, in the games that I play (yet, I haven't started Fallout 4 on the 2600X/590 machine yet).

Either way, more computing power (and significantly higher perf/watt) for Science! And I get the same or practically the same gaming experience for what I'm doing right now. Win/win!

Uh, oh yeah. The RWV (that stands for Random Warframe Video, by the way). here it is:

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