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Sash Knowledge Update: Primitive Shaders in RDNA/Navi.

Hey loyal reader. That one person. Yes, you. I love you, did you know that? Well this post is just here to say, like I updated some knowledge before, that I have acquired new knowledge on RDNA/Navi's "Primitive Shader" that contradicts what I learned/understood previously.

So this post is to set that straight and remind everyone that I am learning too. Please don't hate me, or kill me, I don't actually want to die.

Anyway, Since I have been talking to Nemez, I have learned so much about GPUs, and how they work. This has been the biggest advancement in my knowledge thus far, so a huge shout out to Nemez! Thanks. I have huge respect for you! <3

According to my new information, the Shader Culling - "4 Prim out, 8 Prim in" is mostly seperate from Navi's implementation of "Primitive Shaders", which are similar to Nvidia's Mesh shaders and perform compute shaders with geometry with some special sauce for handling huge amounts of geometry.

While, I am not wrong in the fact that Navi can cull huge amounts of hidden geometry, I am slightly off with what was allowing that.

Knowledge Updated.

Remember that I am not a professional, I am simply an enthusiast and I am learning all the time too, mostly by talking to people vastly more knowledgeable than I am.

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