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Sash plays Gears 5. Again. Part 1.

I already completed it once, and I absolutely loved it. This is now my favourite gears game, just slightly nudging out Gears of War 2 for that spot. I decided to play it again to show the performance on my PC at maximum settings at 1080p, oh and to try and find the collectables I missed in the first playthrough.

Anyway, I had some issues with GPU encoding for recording video with many softwares including AMD's own Radeon Relive, (stuttering in cutscenes), so I had to use OBS and software H.264 encoding for these videos. Because the stuttering was really horrible.

Luckily, my Ryzen 7 3700X is pretty wedge. So it didn't really care about recording and encoding on the fly whilst running the game. So this will be a new series. Here's the first video if you want to see it. Which you probably don't, but I'm going to post it anyway!

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