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(Sash Update) Sash's most powerful GPU. Ever. Sash is quite happy.

You may have seen this post and wondered about the circumstances of that. Or, you could not have done that, because nobody reads my Blog. Either way, I will now explain why Sash is a very Happy Catboygirl indeed. Sash will also stop posting cringe selfies on Twitter for self-confidence validation. Sorry about that.

My friend, Undead.Potato, AKA Borb, AKA TreeFish sold me his RTX 2080 Ti for a very, very delicious price. And it's not just any RTX 2080 Ti. No, this is an entirely different beast that, today, has only hit 43*C max temperature. How, you ask?


Please don't be triggered by my CPU AIO Orientation. It won't fit the other way around!

And let's just say I'm pretty impressed by the amount of numbers this Bad Boy can chew through...

Oh, and gaming. 2080 Ti for 1080p is a dumb they said, 2080 Ti for 1080p is a waste they said...

That said, I think I have a new-found use for that 40" 4K TV sitting above my desk.


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