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(SFS) Sash's Family Sucks Roundup (Aunt, Uncle and Grandmother Edition).

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Welcome to another fantastic episode of Sash's Family Sucks, this will be the conclusion to the Shit-show that these people have caused, but just to retain transparency (and future publicity should the information need to be referred to - all records have been saved with evidence), I will create a round-up of the events with a single additional (bonus) piece added on to wrap things up. Please note some of these posts contain raw feelings of my personal business and may be unsuitable for viewing in a moderated environment (NSFW).

Disclaimer/Note to Sash's family that will inevitably read this:

My blog is my business, and my business only. All that I have typed here is my business: it affects me directly and my blog is my only outlet for my emotions given my difficulties socialising directly. If you don't want your (anonymised) business to cross over into mine to the point when I post negative things about you, it would be prudent to not treat me like dirt. Just some 'friendly advice'. Since the beginning all I've asked for is dialogue. The way you treat a person with Autistic Spectrum Disorder is discriminatory and disgusting.

As a final note, while you're on my blog, you should consider reading some of my fictional literature, or technical write-ups, or opinion pieces about world events. Maybe you will enjoy some of my content instead of just using my blog to get angry.


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