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(Update 2 (lol)) Blog Category Removal.

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

(Update 2): I'm keeping the posts because it's important to be transparent when I've been bullied.

In light of some... decisions I have made regarding certain individuals and whether or not they're worth the hosting space on my blog (they're not), I have removed the Sash's Family Sucks category forever! Yay!


In order to celebrate this monumental achievement in the Life of Sash, here's a video of the RTX 3090 getting brutalised trying to render Sniper Elite 4 at 16K resolution:

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Been too busy using it to make a post. I sort of neglect my "blog" sometimes, don't I? This is kind of a big deal. Maybe I will make a more detailed post about this rather L A R G E GPU at some point.

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