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Smashleycat plays Metro Exodus with RT on a 2070 and talks like a Retard. Part 2.

This is cool, because it's at 60 FPS and if you download it you can view it in full quality (16mbps), otherwise it plays just fine via the OneDrive preview - but the quality is drastically lower.

Anyway! I'm loving the game again! Actually in this video, I found some places I didn't go to before, because I didn't actually fully realise the binoculars can be used to identify places of interest. ._.

So there is even more gameplay for me to experience. By the way, even after nearly a year, I still can't believe how absolutely stunningly beautiful this game is. Not just in visuals (and they are breathtaking - see for yourself), but in the storyline, the characters, writing, the depth and atmosphere - they are all just amazing.

Metro Exodus is by far, the best Story-driven game I have ever played. But anyway, here's my dumb gaming video of my revisit to Post-apocalyptic Russia, part 2:

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