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So it turns out the GTX 770 is pretty good in Bricklink's 'Eyesight' Renderer

Whelp, Kepler. Who would have thought I'd end up using the GK104-based GTX 770 for a compute task? Well, here's the deal. This card can pump out renders on my space-ship lego models in the Eyesight renderer, with 128 samples (this is medium quality), and 4K image size using Photorealistc (Ray Trace) about twice as fast as my stock-clocked Ryzen 7 2700. It uses about twice the power doing it, so perf/watt is probably similar but the speed is very much appreciated. Since my 3700X isn't by any measurement twice as fast as the 2700 in Eyesight (it's something more like 40-50%), this means the Kepler-based GeForce GTX 770 is the fastest device I have right now, for spitting out Ray-Traced lego spaceships for my Role Play universe. Ugh.

I got this for free from one of my great friends, who I don't really speak to a lot these days (If you read this, I'm sorry. I want to re-add you again, please don't be mad at me). So it'll be useful for that.

Of course, I'm sure my backup card, a Radeon RX 590 would be quite a bit better, but hey, Vendor lock-in and the developers of the Eyesight software never even bothered with OpenCL, so CUDA it is. Sigh.

I'm currently mulling over the idea of getting something like a GTX 1650 Super, which would likely be significantly faster and use significantly less power doing the renders, than the GTX 770. I should also probably test using higher sample counts. Huh.

Anyway, no rest for the wicked, GTX 770. I'm going to put you to work. >:D

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