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Some people can't handle the truth. (UPDATED)

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Was going to rage-quit after this. This is what I'd usually do in this situation. Because, yes, as the two people that read my website probably know - I am very unstable emotionally. But one thing I will not faulter on, is my disgust for Intel as a company. My post here, does indeed read as a "one dimensional view". But, the thing is - it's all fucking true. If you can't handle that, then I don't want you to read it anyway. Hey - I did warn you guys that it was a rant post. If you don't read my warnings then, well, there's a big "X" next to the tab in your browser.

Go click it.

As for this? I'm not deleting my views. I'm not backing down. I'm not submitting to the anxiety. So this one is for you.

Update (24/10/2019):

Here's this person's reply. I thought I'd just leave this here because it explains a lot.


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