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(Stuff n Things) Navi 21 joins the Wall of Legends. Oh and I think I know how I broke it.

Along with such GPUs as Tonga, Hawaii, Tahiti, Pitcairn and... some day... Polaris 30. But that day is not today.

For the record, I think I know how I broke the board. After applying too much pressure to the cooler in my 27 attempts to get the contact to be better (waste of time, fuck you, MSI); and using slightly too thick aftermarket pads to replace the brittle stock ones, I probably cracked a solder ball under one of the memory chips. Tell-tale sign of memory failure with the square artifacts and flickering. This theory is essentially solidified by the fact that when it rebooted with the Basic Display Adapter, the output would flicker if I touched the card's backplate.

Funny thing is, I even tried to blast the back of the chips with my heatgun to try and resolder them, but probably didn't do it long enough. Chucking it in the oven for a couple minutes might actually revive the card. Problem is, I can't be fucked. I'm done with this card and it's worth more to me now as a shiny paperweight than it is the additional stress of that can of worms. A can which is going to remain firmly hermetically sealed.

Or I could GTX 1080 performance and memory for GTX 1080 price, 5 years later! WHAT A BARGAIN. BUT IT HAS RAY TRACING!

That's a joke.

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