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[Role Play] The Future of Aquarius. 4299 A.D.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

A new dawn broke over the horizon. The Lorentian Sun casting its rays through the upper atmosphere of the former Loyalist Homeworld; now host to myriad orbiting structures and spacecraft moving about them, transporting cargo and supplies. Beyond those, the mighty silhouettes of the Lorentian Navy's Home Fleet of Endeavour-S6-class battelcruisers; keeping ever watch, encircling Humanity's final bastion in Aquarius with a stalwart shield.


New Alliances.

Fourty-Nine long cycles had passed since the Aliens first made contact with the Loyalist Alliance. In that time, the once frail Alliance, barely holding on to the home sector of Lorentis - the only sector to have survived The Fall largely intact - had risen to power within the shadow of the Old Federation, aided by a newfound Ally in the Vujlcyon Conglomerate, and the newly established Six-Trade Alliance of species: the Terrans securing a powerful position on the Alliance's council.

Possessing technology from the Old Federation, along with the will to innovate and innate ingenuity and cunning; the Aliens saw great potential in human beings, and to the Vujlcyon Conglomerate; potential means profit. Indeed, the deal brokered between the Lorentian Government and the Conglomerate was one of mutual benefit: in return for unrestricted access to the vast fields of salvage; startship graveyards and ruins left behind after The Fall, the might of the Conglomerate's Trade Defence Fleet would assist the Loyalists in taking back full control of the Aquarius Cluster and all of her former worlds.


Re-taking the Core Worlds.

In those 49 cycles, the combined military force of the Loyalist Navy and Vujlcyon Defence Fleet swept through the former worlds of the Old Federation, exacting swift vengeance on those who saught to pillage and loot. Of course, the Aliens would collect and process any salvagable materials within the agreed limits along the way. Within this campaign, the pirate Cartels of the Corona system were pushed almost completely back to the rim of the Angel Nebula; their once unbreakable grip on the former core world of Coron, now shattered after a single cycle of renewed campaigns by the Loyalist Fleets, supported logistically by the Conglomerate's unlimited supply lines.

For a young Amiori Kociero; Fleet Admiral of the Loyalist's First Fleet, it was a distinctly Terran affair to retake Corona, and as such it was agreed that only human warships would participate against the Cartels in direct combat, with Conglomerate assets providing logistical support and supplies from the outskirts of the system.


Build on the ashes of the Old Federation.

The vast industrial complex of the Conglomerate woulds stripe entire planetoids; once marked as protected stellar bodies by the Old Federation, collect billions upon billions of tons of starship carcasses and technology; all with the intent of grinding it down to base elements and extracting usable minerals to sate the growing hunger of the Six-Trade Alliance's lust for raw materials.

Loyalist Engineers and Scientists assited the Aliens in reverse engineering Old Federation technology, and in exchange, allowed the humans access to their own innovations and designs, along with economic support and mass production capabilities on an unimaginble scale; far surpassing the industrial might of the Old Federation at the height of its power in the late 39th Millenium.


A new power rises in Aquarius.

At the turn of the Century, in 4299 A.D, 2061 F.D.S, humanity's new alliance had ushered in a new age of prosperity, as the Loyalists rebuilt thier former worlds, re-activated ancient production facilities - including those required to refine and harness Polaryte. Along with new technology acquired through the vast increase in funding in science and tehcnology, new methods to harness the power of Polaryte were discovered, and pushed forward a ressurrection in the Terran economy and industry never before seen.

So much so, that the Lorentian Government - now the seat of the newly formed United Systems Terran Transitionary Alliance (USTTA) - saw fit to usher in the next stage in human history in Aquarius.


The United Aquarian Systems.

With the three former Core Worlds; Eridonia, Corona and Lorentis now firmly under the control of Terran Government, the USTTA began restructuring the Alliance of local governments into a new, federal state, based on fundamentals of the Old Federation - the Unified Terran Nations. The unified government of system states was to be known as the United Aquarian Systems. The former seat of the Old Federation, Eridonia - a world now harboring a planet-scale graveyard of ruins, a place where billions lost their lives, would be preserved as a memorial to the largest cataclysm in Human History.

The seat of the U.A.S would be established on Lorentis; the Lorentian Government formally restructured into the United Aquarian Systems Government, and humanity finally rose to power once more - law, order and peace - to be enforced by great strength, will and resolve.

Humanity's Place.

As a permanent member of the Six-Trade Alliance, the U.A.S gained access to a vast network of trade routes and markets, well beyond the Aquarius Cluster; stretching into and beyond the Deep Red, Galactic North of the Crimson Barrier and Angel Nebula. Humanity found its place, offering services in engineering, literature, finances, the arts and military and industry; human beings soon became known to the other five species as the 'jack of all trades', being adaptable and capable in almost any field.

To protect the young U.A.S, and ensure the full rebuilding of the Core Worlds and beyond, the combined military forces of the old Loyalist Alliance and her systems formed a new military branch; the U.A.S Federal Navy, paying homage to the largest military force ever assembled in human history.

New fleets were created, warship production went into overdrive, recruitment throughout the newly restored worlds soared. Soon, the Federal Marines, and Planetary Forces were established and the U.A.S began to wield a military force that would make the Old Federation proud.

Even though the vast majority of warships in service with the new Federal Navy were ancient designs; once in use by the Old Federation millenia before, they were enhanced and upgraded with new technology, new manufacturing processes allowed for quicker and lower cost contruction with more durable designs. With the limitless flow of raw materials and resources from the Six-Trade Alliance, the UAS's military might boomed to levels rivalling that of the Old Federation at the height of its power. New designs were put into production, combining Alien and human technology, and old, prototype pre-Fall designs that never saw production - such as the Endeavour Series 6 Battlecruisers; of which now make up the mainstay of the U.A.S Fleet's heavy strike capability, much like the namesake class did for millenia prior.

As part of their duty to the Alliance; human warships would soon be committed to assisting the Trade Defence Fleet's efforts in patrolling and safeguarding the hundreds of star systems across the local arm of the galaxy.


The date is 4299 A.D - 2061 F.D.S. The U.A.S retains the Federal Date Standard, and the government acknowledges that the newly formed United Systems will stand in the footsteps of the Old Federation that came before, and as such, our history is their history. But our future is our own.

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