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The year is 4242 A.D, We Remember Our History

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

We have seen the greatest civilisation in Human history Rise, and ultimately Fall, taking with it millenia of history and culture. On the 10th of August, 2238 A.D, the Unified Terran Nations was founded, laying the path for Humanity onwards, into the Stars. Throughout its great history, the United Will of a trillion Human souls laid down the legacy for our species on the canvas that was the Aquarius Cluster. Giving us the ability to start a fresh, free from the vices that gripped our once-beloved homeworld; The Earth.

We are Terrans, and we remember Terra each and every day that passes. Today, we take a moment to understand the sacrifices of those that came before us. We have seen many wars, we have been faced with eradication at the hands of Alien aggression: In 4040 A.D, combined fleets from the Terran Nations' repelled an attack on our way of life by Aliens that would have seen our worlds cleansed of life, even our Children not spared by any compassion.

But our ancestors prevailed, we showed the Aliens aggressors that Terrans stand for our way of life. We stand for Peace, Prosperity and we stand for Freedom and Equality for all. I stand before you today, decendants of Terra, Sons and Daughters of Humanity. I stand before you to tell you that we must not falter; we must not give up hope, that one day we will restore to our new homeworld a cililisation worthy of succeeding the Unity that came before us.

- Ashlai Vottori, Chairwoman of the Terran Loyalist Alliance, Ruins of the Eris Naval Docks, Eridonia System, Aquarius, 22nd July, 2004 F.D.S, (4242 A.D)


Note: It is interesting to note that Chairwoman Vottori, doesn't directly refer to the deployment of the Hammer of Aquarius. Scholars attrributed this to potentially two reasons, firstly that no President would glorify the deployment of a weapon that ended a trillion lives, and secondly, that the TLA is actively trying to downplay the Hammer's existence, for they know that the installations still exist and the TLA's military is trying to recover them... for if they fall into the wrong hands... new horrors would be unleashed upon the spark of humanity that survived the Fall.

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