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TIL GPUs are better at rendering Graphics than CPUs

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I always wanted to test Microsoft's WARP (Windows Advanced Rasterisation Platform) which essentially allows a DX renderer to be simulated in software, on the CPU. Well, if you disable your GPU in Device Manager, you get the "Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor" and this is WARP. If you run 3D application with this, the CPU renders the image.

That's so cool! But, uh. CPU is not so good at that task. I tried to load up Warframe and the CPU hits 100% Load and I get about 3 FPS in the login screen. I actually managed to get past that, and I was getting maybe a frame every 5-6 seconds. Yeah.

In all honesty, IDK how WARP handles things like occlusion and triangle culling, it's obviously not doing that in Hardware (it's a CPU, duh). But it was cool to see. I tried Unigine Heaven at 640x480 DX11 Low, and it managed about 15 FPS. :D

So yeah. I think I might need a Threadripper 3990WX to do this with any seriousness... Or I could just use a GPU. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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