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TV Licensing here in the UK is ridiculous and I feel the need to state that.

I also want to rustle the jimmies of the tools at the BBC and their lackeys at TVL and Capita.

I don't have a TV Licence and thus do not fund the politically bias garbage that the BBC produces. I also do not fund that garbage by WATCHING LIVE CONTENT THAT THEY LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH.

Oh no, the BBC is dying out because of new technology and PROGRESS. Big deal. But yes, the government impose an actual legal requirement to pay the corporate scum for stuff they didn't even create.

Say I want to watch some live content, not from the BBC, on YouTube, from a creator that they literally have nothing to do with.

Will I be paying a licence fee? Nope. Will I answer the door to the tools "inspecting" for a licence requirement? Nope.

Will I pay a fine because I didn't buy a licence? Nope.

Will I go to prison because I didn't pay the fine because I didn't buy a licence?

Not willingly. Not conscious and quite possibly, not alive.

Tax the rich, you cunts.

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