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United Aquarian Systems Federal Navy: Endeavour S5.

Once the most Advanced Warship in the Old Federation Fleet, the Venerable Endeavour-lineage Series Five goes on to serve the United Aquarian Systems Navy with the same Stalwart Vigor her namesake had done for centuries before.

After the establishment of the UASFN First Fleet in 2062 F.D.S, the handful of Endeavour S5-class Warships that remained in Terran service through the Fall were pressed back into service. As Naval Docks across the sector stirred into action, the Series Five class was laid down as the standard Battle Cruiser of Humanity's new Fleet.

By 2072 F.D.S, more than twenty more vessels of the class were built and entered service with over a hundred more under construction under the designation "Series Five XA" - updated with cutting edge technology.

Endeavour S5-class warships would serve alongside the newer, post-Fall Series Six.

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