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Update: Sash's Rigs and OpenPandemic

Hello smelly people. I have decided to create a new page for the sole purpose of listing the (almost) complete specifications of all the Desktop Computers I currently maintain, because I wanted to and it's cool. You can find them here.

I recently got a fourth Ryzen 7 2700, and now my server-farm for World Community Grid has 32 cores, 64 threads with a combined cost for the CPUs of £480. The CPUs run about 3.1 to 3.4 GHz depending on the task, on all 8 cores, but it's closer to 3.1, each one uses about 70W, so a combined wattage of around 280W; more or less in-line with what you might expect from a first-generation Naples-class EPYC processor with 32 cores, except for signficantly less money. The entire farm has 48GB of DDR4 memory, but you can read all about that on the Sash's Rigs page.

On the subject of World Community Grid, my systems will soon be fully dedicated to the new OpenPandemic computing effort, to assist with kicking Coronavirus's ass.

Because SCIENCE! Always wins.

Lastly, without wanting to sound like a Fanboygirlboything; thanks to AMD for making insane levels of multi-processing power available for such insanely good value. Love you Ryzen!

Okay, maybe slightly fanboy.

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