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(Update) YouTube Channel and Content, website and some other stuff.

A quick update. For about 12 hours, I closed my website behind an authentication request. That might happen again in the future when I want to "shut myself off" from the world. However, Sash now wishes to share this content outlet again, so here it is. Oh, I am no longer posting publicly listed videos on YouTube because I can't stand having so many 'subscribers', or people using my channel there to sift through my garbage. So, instead, they will be unlisted and I will share them here on my website. That way, people might be interested to look through my other content, too.

Like the actual Archives of the Eridonia Archives.

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I'm laying here in bed. Typing on this convertible tablet, in tablet mode. I am thinking of all the negative things going through my mind. There are many. Let's begin. You may have noticed the title.

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