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War Thunder's toxic community and the "skill" circlejerk.

There's one thing I've noticed about War Thunder's community, and that is they are very quick to attack your skill at the game if you try and criticise any aspects of the game itself. For example, I was complaining about helicopter launched ATGMs with someone on discord who almost immediately looked at my player stats in game and began attacking my kill to death ratio, what vehicles I play and even how many hours in the game.

This person's head was huge; boasting about his five digit amount of hours and battles count, and completely disregarding what I was stating about helicopter atgms Vs ground SPAA (no Sam) at lower BR where you get helis with missiles (7-8) but no Sams to counter them

His attitude stunk of arrogance to the point of toxicity. Argumentative and defensive of the widely accepted as overpowered CAS elements of War Thunder's ground battles. Of course, this chump was also getting most of his kills with said overpowered mechanisms so I'm going to assume the fucker's "skill" is artificially inflated by exploitative gameplay.

And five digit hours means he's a tryhard that has even less of a life than me. Small things please small minds, and there's no way the relatively basic gameplay in War Thunder could entertain me for even a fraction of that time. I've been playing Warframe since it launched in 2013; and still only have around 3500 hours game time; and Warframe has a lot more content and gameplay variety than War Thunder.

This isn't just about that pleb, though. Complaining even once in the in-game chat about mechanics that I believe are objectively overpowered and require too little skill compared to their counters (CAS), immediately results in attacks on your skill level and game time. The toxicity is unreal.

My opinions on CAS being overpowered are not isolated, for reference. An enormous subset of the community want a tank only mode because of just how broken it is.

The cancerous nature of the WT community has reinforced how much I despise humans.

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