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Warframe: Kicking Arbant Mott's Butt (Kuva Lich)

Ardant Mott, my friendly neighbourhood Kuva Lich recieves the FaceRemovalService™. It's a free service that I tend to provide to a mostly Grineer clientele. In this video RNGesus frowns on me, but Mrs. Mott gets her butt kicked eventually. I sped up the Thrall Massacring for your viewing pleasure, and the encounters with the Kuva Lich can be found at the following times:

  • 5:40 - Encounter 1

  • 12:30 - Encounter 2

  • 29:40 - Encounter 3

  • 35:04 - Encounter 4

  • 42:50 - Encounter 5

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