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What the hell, Sash?

You completely lost it these last few days. Like, completely off the rails. You know why it happened so don't let it happen again. How many times have I had this conversation? Too many, that's how many.

You cannot cope in discord servers or any form of multi-person online community.

This is an objective fact. The most human beings I am exposed to at any one time, the greater the chance of this happening. Of getting triggered and kicking off. You know this.

Stay away from online communities and do not seek new friends no matter how lonely you think you are. Remember what happened with Maik. Never fucking forget it.

And so here I am, in bed, alone, a belly full of hotdogs from a can, and I'm kinda okay about this. I am comfortable on my own. Maybe that's just the way it has to be.

Well, except BDM and Borb. Those two, they can handle me. I don't know what's wrong with them, maybe they just stopped giving a shit about the way I am.

Maybe I think too much.

I think this is the way it's just going to have to be. Most common humans can't fucking handle the Sash.

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