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You know that anxiety over my AIO...

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

I actually got over it like, 2 days after I fitted the Wraith Prism, and while the prism works fine for stock and a mild overclock, I actually managed to build the confidence to overclock my 2700X again, to 4.3 GHz all cores, which was really nice.

You may have guessed I go through an awfully large amount of thermal paste, this is why I switched from TG Kryonaut to Arctic MX4 2019, cuz it's cheaper.

Anyway I couldn't get my CPU stable under heavy loading at a temperature I was okay with for the voltage required, it crashed in cinebench R20, with 1.36V in the cores, but idle and gaming load was stable at 1.4+, this is because my MSI b450 mortar has pretty crappy vdroop. Which is a huge pain the posterior. >_>

But I lowered the clock speed to 4.225, so that's 75 MHz lower, at the same voltage, and it seems stable under heavy loading now which is what I wanted. Sometimes the anxiety is bad, other times it is okay. This changes daily and I bet in a couple weeks or a month or whatever I will get anxious about crashing again and place my Prism back on... This is why I break things :( But I am liking it the way it is for the moment. Oh I also increased my RAM clock speed to 3400MHz and only loosened one timing, to 14-15-14-30, as per the Ryzen DRAM calculator from techpowerup. I will place a link here later (I'm typing this post on my phone on the Wix app, and that would be an exertion of effort I am unwilling to provide, but actually in the time I took to type this I could have done it, but oh well it's done now lol).

Edit/Update; Here is the link to the Ryzen DRAM calculator over at Tech Power Up, this tool saves many of my hairs from beiing forcible removed from my head over memory timing tweaking >_>

My PC is so awesome. Yay.


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