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Eridonia Archives


|| Public Access - FAQ

|| Q: Why has the previous website been restricted?

|| A: Sash doesn't want to share access to the Archives publicly, at this time.

|| Q: What is the purpose of this website?

|| A: This website serves as an outlet and Archive for Sash's ideas, thoughts and opinions. It is not for profit, hosts no adverts and does not sell or otherwise make any money from data collected in accordance with its Privacy Policy (The hosting service collects the data, the website owner is legally required to disclose it. It is not used by the website owner). This website is not affiliated with any government or corporation, or any entity other than Sash; a private individual. It is not politically affiliated, or otherwise affiliated with anything.

||Q: Can I contact the website owner?

||A: This functionality is currently unavailable.

||Q: Can I request Advanced Access / Clearance to view the Archives?

||A: Not currently. If you are a party that requires this clearance, you will be contacted by Sash directly. If you don't know Sash personally, you are not permitted to obtain Advanced Access. This may change in the future.

||Q: Does this website collect data or use cookies?
||A: Yes, though not by choice of the owner. Please read the Privacy Policy.

||Q: I am Sash's Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, Sister, or anyone else negatively affiliated with Sash and I am here looking for things to get triggered over.

||A: That's a statement, not a question. Regardless, see this.

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