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(Capital) RT-class Dreadnought

A super-capital class warship deployed by the Aquarian Imperial Navy. RT-class vessels are built upon the design of the UAS's 'Retribution-II' class dreadnoughts, incorporating many improvements and upgrades as they transition to Imperial Navy service. This class of Warship is the cornerstone of Imperial Terran military might, and the presence of one on a system is usually enough to quell most insurrections before they even start.

(Capital) RT-class Dreadnought

|| Specifications:

Class: Super-Capital
Role: Dreadnought
Mass: ~4,200,000-4,750,000 T
Length: 2720 M
Max Speed (Impulse Cruise): < 1150 M/s
Max Speed (Hyper Cruise): < 970 KM/s
Max Range (JDA): > 20 Parsec
Date: 1 I.D.S (4402 A.D)
Origin: Aquarius Imperial Naval Shipyards, Lorentis System
Crew Compliment: up to 1700 Enlisted, 300 Officers, 4000 Marines

Primary Armour Plating: Nanopolymer-based low-ferrous metallic composite construction, Citradite/Polyarium Interweave/Mesh on primary belts
Primary Armour Thickness: =< 18M (Main), =< 3.55M (Secondary) =< 1.25M (Tertiary & Pressure)
Spinal/Axial Armament: Dual-Linked IM353-S IMPAC Siege Cannon Array
Primary Armament: 2x IM353-A+ IMPAC Twin, Dual-linked Artillery Turrets
Secondary Armament: 12x IM115-A IMAPA Anti-Ship Battery Turrets
Tertiary Armament: 18x HAL2-B Dual-Linked Heavy Laser Cannon Turrets
Quaternary Armament: SPARTAN-3, 3rd Generation Anti-Ship Long Range Missile System, 34x L/M/SRM 'Hornet' Launch Tubes (Bow)
Quinary Armament: 35x Clusterfire CIWS, various hull-based FIMD point defence systems
Shielding: [DATA LOCKED]
Sensors: Axial RT-R1 IFCS for FC and FSA, RT-R1 BFSA-LC Broad Field Sensor Array for SDS, RADAR, LADAR and MLADAR, ventral primary, port, starboard SPARTAN 3 Tracking System
Propulsion: 30x Singular Helium-Fusion Plasma Impulse, integrated Plasma Recycler system, Dual 24-stack HFPI Drives (auxiliary stern), dual 24-stack HFPI Drives (auxiliary midships) dual 24-stack HFPI Drives (auxiliary bow)
Powerplant: X115 'Supernova' Experimental Integrated Power System (details classified)
Hangars: Ventral Frigate-type Hangar with internal facilities for up to 1 frigate-class, 4 corvettes and 4x8 Strike craft Wings.

|| Description:
The largest and most powerful single military warship currently in service with the Aquarian Imperial Navy. RT-class dreadnoughts get their name from the 'Retribution' designation of the second class to carry that name, the UAS Navy's Retribution II class dreadnought, itself based on the ancient pre-fall Retribution-class Battlecruiser employed by the UTN Navy before being replaced by the well-known Endeavour-class hull still in service today as the ED-class designation.

The RT-class builds upon the solid foundations of the Retribution II it is based on; with an overwhelming emphasis on directed, long-range firepower and immensely powerful shield generators for withstanding the most extreme punishment thought possible to delivery by potential enemies of the Aquarian Imperial States. This transition back to the 'big-gun' warships of the CEG Wars era, itself from the dreadnoughts of the Old Earth water-navies, highlights the importance of directed military might in the 45th century and beyond.

As of 4421 A.D, the Imperial Navy operates six RT-class Dreadnoughts, with two more under construction and another four planned; for a total of twelve warships expected to be in operational service by the end of the half-century.

(Capital) RT-class Dreadnought

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