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(Installation) Arctic-class Naval Platform

A post-fall Deep Space (independent of parent body) capable military installation developed originally by the UAS for Fleet Logistics and Resupply in remote sectors. Like almost all Post-fall installations, this platform is constructed using a highly modular, compartmentalised manufacturing process whereby utility "blocks" are re-purposed after initial construction for specific roles and assembled as necessary according to a pre-fabricated design schematic. As such, not all platforms designated under the Arctic (AT) classification are identical in layout. The Platform's role remains the same in service under the ATIS flag.

(Installation) Arctic-class Naval Platform

During the transition to the Imperial Era over the turn of the 45th century, the Aquarian Imperial Navy inherited around a dozen or so Arctic-class platforms from the redundant UAS Federal Navy before is disbandment. Existing installations throughout Aquarius were upgraded and re-designated 'AT-class' under the Imperial Naval Register. The platform provides the Imperial Fleet with a fully autonomous refuelling, resupply and repair station capable of independent operation even in remote systems. The station has onboard micro and macro-manufacturing facilities for a variety of weapon munitions and armaments employed by the Imperial Navy, along with the ability to fabricate basic modular hull components for in-field repair of ships up to Cruiser in size, without the need for a full-scale wet dock or shipyard.

To facilitate manufacturing, each of the platform's towers contains Phasic Matter Array; able to break down recycled components and resources into essential elements required by the micro/macro manufacturing systems. De-commissioned or old components can be recycled this way and re-used. The station has expansive storage facilities for hydrogen-based Fuel Pellets (known colloquially in Aquarius as "Starship Fuel") in internal, and external containment units. A fully laden AT-class platform can thus provide full refuelling for an entire Task Force including several dozen cruisers, without the need for potentially tactically risk 'fuel scooping' operations around the local star.

The large quantities of potentially volatile materials stored on AT-class platforms, along with tens of thousands of Mass Tons of inert, but still highly sensitive, munition expendables (FIMD slugs, missiles, etc) makes these platforms a potentially important strategic target in any conflict, and as such they are almost always heavily defended by a permanent garrison of several destroyers or long-range missile cruisers.

(Installation) Arctic-class Naval Platform

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