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(Cruiser) HY-AX 'Hydra'-class Light Fleet Carrier

A fast cruiser built by the Aquarian Federal Navy as a dedicated carrier-class. Hydra trades weapon systems and shielding for powerful engines, advanced sensors and huge Strikecraft and corvette hangers.

Earth and Space
(Cruiser) HY-AX 'Hydra'-class Light Fleet Carrier

Class: Cruiser
Role: Light Fleet Carrier
Mass: 400,500 T
Length: 730 M
Max Speed (Impulse Cruise): < 2 KM/s
Max Speed (Hyper Cruise): < 2300 KM/s
Max Range (JDA): < 2.8 Parsec
Date: 2111 F.D.S (4349 A.D)
Origin: A.R.A.S Shipyards (FNRD), Lorentis System

Primary Armour Plating: Nanopolymer-based low-ferrous metalic composite construction
Primary Armour Thickness: =< 2.8M (Main), =< 1M (Secondary) =< 0.25M (Tertiary & Pressure)
Spinal/Axial Armament: N/A
Primary Armament: 2x MA-FIMD-B MKII 385mm Mass Driver Cannon Turrets
Secondary Armament: 7x PDS Clusterfire CIWS
Tertiary Armament: 4x dual-launch Hornet M/SRM Launchers
Shielding: S111AE-MKII CTM/HS Shield Modulator
Sensors: HYDRA- X111 Advanced Long Range Sensor Suite (multi-mast)
Propulsion: 14x Dual-S Helium-Fusion Plasma Impulse, integrated Plasma Recycler system
Powerplant: Dual-core 1176 MW Helio-Barycentric Cold Fusion Reactor (HBCF111-HD)
Hangars: Internal main hangar with deck/midships Corvette-type hangars with internal facilities for up to 12 corvettes and 12x8 Strikecraft wings. External docking facilities for two Frigate-class.

|| Description:

Although every Cruiser-class vessel in the Aquarian Fleet is capable of carrying at least two wings of strikecraft, complete with internal hangars for full operational and resupply, AFN High Command, on behalf of the Angel-Sector Fleet Command's direct request, put forward a request for a fast cruiser that could carry a dozen Strikecraft wings, Corvette and Gunship-class vessels and provide support for Frigates in the field.

The Federal Navy recognised the need for a smaller, lighter and cheaper to produce vessel that could provide dedicated fighter support without the need to commit the Fleet's only dedicated carrier; the much larger Evolution-class Fleet Command Carrier.

As such, ARAS Shipyards, Lorentis, put forward a proposal in 2111 FDS for a vessel only barely bigger than existing heavy Destroyers such as the Sleipnir-class, but with much more powerful engines, a lighter hull design and a multitude of dedicated internal hangars to operate and support up to 12 wings of strikecraft, with 8 interceptors or bombers each, a further dozen corvettes or gunships and two Frigates, docked externally. The result was the HY-AX, or Hydra-class Light Fleet Carrier. Hydra-class Carriers are considered Cruiser designation by the AFN, and operate with fleet cruisers such as the larger Revolution-class, often accompanied by several destroyers or frigates.




Image 1: Rotating view of a HY-AX Hydra-class Light Fleet Carrier.

(Cruiser) HY-AX 'Hydra'-class Light Fleet Carrier
(Cruiser) HY-AX 'Hydra'-class Light Fleet Carrier
(Cruiser) HY-AX 'Hydra'-class Light Fleet Carrier
(Cruiser) HY-AX 'Hydra'-class Light Fleet Carrier
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