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The Sunrise Dreadnought

Details from the UK1 Scientific Database, concerning The Sunrise Dreadnought, an unimaginably ancient autonomous Dreadnought of supposed Maikor origin, discovered by the United Kingdom in Aquarius.

The Sunrise Dreadnought

|| The Sunrise.

We still call it "The" - Even though we've seen other examples in various systems. The difference being those examples have been Active, so we've kept our distance.

We aren't sure what the purpose of the vessel was or is. Or why the one we found was Inactive. Breadcrumbs? There was one incident where the vessel was stolen by a captain and made an FTL jump to impossible coordinates, but no logs were stored of the incident and no information can be gathered from the individual in question, as they profess they did not understand the experience.

As it stands; Most UK Technology has been reverse engineered from the working systems on the Sunrise, without about all the subtlety of a toddler with a crayon impressioning an Van Gogh, but as we can only observe the input and end result: We have no idea how most of the vessel works, or even how it's assembled.

The Molecular Binding Generators, magnetic containment systems that allow for the Fusion Stellerators to operate with such efficiency, the same systems that are used to shape and contain plasma projections, Gravitational Distortion Drives & weaponry, Interstitual Transit Drives ("Wraith" drives)...

All of it because of this one vessel. We don't even understand a lot of the Metallurgy that went into it. Thank goodness we recieved this and not one of our opponents, else we may not be in existance right now to write this.

|| Sunrise; Addendum.

Why doesn't this one activate itself?

So far as we can tell: Everything is in place for this ship to be fully autonomous in the same way that all other Maikor vessels are. Any systems we connect to it are completely overridden by the ship and then allowed to function at more or less the same purpose as before, it's like it's drip-feeding the information to us.

The vessel never directly gives an answer to what we're testing, simply lets us see cause & effect, and then work on the theory until we stumble across a solution. Recently we found near-complete technical diagrams for a Molecular Binding Generator in the database. That wasn't there previously. But it's only once we started to iterate upon the design we'd produce that it yeilded this.

But why does every other Maikor vessel attempt to Annihilate anything that crosses it? We've taken Fusion Torches, Molecular Dissasemblers, even small scale Anti-Matter to the hull of this thing and it hasn't even caused a power fluctuation (Or a mark on the hull, for that matter). If we'd tried that on literally any other Maikor vessel; There would have been no survivors.

So far as we can surmise; The ship is Sentient (So far as other maikor craft are) and simply allows us to poke and prod, or it's been rendered inactive by some other means. But the second wouldn't match with how we found it...

Ultimately the only thing that could ever answer us is the Sunrise itself, and it doesn't seem to be yeilding that information currently, if ever, so all we can do is theorise and accept what information it drip feeds out.

It's no secret that this vessel scans every single other one that jumps into system with it. Although we can never find where that information is stored, the database inside must be absolutely Colossal at this point - This vessel was taken from Aquarius before we'd even made the Exodus across the Crimson Barrier, let alone the jump through to the next Galactic Arm - If it holds records of every vessel it's seen in that time; it'd be an absolute treasure-trove of hundreds of years of Humanity's space-faring history.

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