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(Strikecraft) F-308 Avenger Interceptor

Once the mainstay of the UTN Federal Navy's interceptor leet, the venerable Avenger served a long and proud term. While being replaced by newer designs, it remained popular on the civilian market for hundreds of cycles.

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(Strikecraft) F-308 Avenger Interceptor

The Avenger is the backbone of the Federal Navy's interceptor fleet. This venerable craft is also one of the oldest commissioned classes in serice; originally designed and produced for the Federal Navy in 2302 and commissioned in 2305, the Avenger still remained one of the most widely produced and used strikecraft in UTN history throughout the 2nd millenium. During the UTN's early expansion era, the need for a fast interceptor was put forward to replace the aging Western Alliance F-98 Lightning III which was still in service since the end of the 21st century, being carried on the Exodus ship 'Eridonia'.

While capable, the Lightning III was severly limited in both armament and speed. The need for a new interceptor was underscored. Naval engineers and planners designed and built the Avenger to meet the role of fast interceptor to counter enemy bombers; a role of which it still performs admirably to this day. Though the F-312 Phoenix was designed to replace the Avenger, and was superior in most respects, the new craft was far more expensive and more costly to maintain. This lead to a series of improvement programs started by the Navy to modernize and better equip the aging fleet of F-308s. The F-308A was the latest installment of the Avenger series, a fully modernized variant with far superior characteristics - which carried the Avenger well into the 3rd millenium in service with the UTN Navy.

The F-308 was officially phased out of service in 3516 A.D, when it was almost entirely replaced by the F-312. However, Avengers remained on the civilian and private market right up until the fall of the UTN in 4040 A.D.

Callsign: Avenger
Role: Close-range interception
Crew Compliment: 1-2
Origin: APEX Shipwrights(Eridonia) / UTN Naval Research
Date Commissioned: 2305 A.D
Status: Retired
Propultion: 1x EFJ-33 Fusion Jet Thrusters
Max Speed: Atmopshere: 1,400 KM/H Space: 3,250 M/S
Max Range: 2,000 NM Approx
Mass: 68 Tons
Wingspan: 25m
Length: 14m
Height: 2.5m
Armor: Tritanium Composite Alloy, 1.2CM max
Sensors LRAD L-45
Shielding: 1x MOD2 Fighter Shield Array, 35MW/280PSU
Loadout: 1x RAW-18-4 18mm, 4 barreled Rotary Mass Driver, pylons for up to 6 external stores, 2 per wing, 2 below fusalage
Variants: F-308A "Super Avenger", F-308T Training variant, F-308X Dedicated Recon Variant

(Strikecraft) F-308 Avenger Interceptor
(Strikecraft) F-308 Avenger Interceptor
(Strikecraft) F-308 Avenger Interceptor
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