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(UK1) L3108 Hybrid Gauss Rifle/Rocket launcher

The L3108 is a Bullpup hybrid Guass-Rifle/Rocket launcher. The weapon is designed for use in conditions ranging from open space, ship interiors and planet atmosphere.

(UK1) L3108 Hybrid Gauss Rifle/Rocket launcher
(UK1) L3108 Hybrid Gauss Rifle/Rocket launcher
(UK1) L3108 Hybrid Gauss Rifle/Rocket launcher
(UK1) L3108 Hybrid Gauss Rifle/Rocket launcher
(UK1) L3108 Hybrid Gauss Rifle/Rocket launcher

These requirements necessitated a weapon that could be infinitely varied from Subsonic munitions with minimal impact, to avoid breaching ship hulls, all the way up to Hypersonic speeds to allow long-range high accuracy fire.

The Munitions themselves are effectively a medium calibre smart rocket, fired from the rifle under magnetic impulse, and arming after a few milliseconds (To avoid proximity splash should the weapon be discharged into an object/target at point blank)
The round itself has programmable flight and explosives, allowing for directed or spherical blast patterns, and some limited steering capability.

This allows for things such as clearing trenches and other cover by furling over, and allowing the round explosive to "do the work" as it were.

The round itself is semi-arrmour piercing, designed to punch through some materials and detonate on the other side/inside. This can lead to some particularly grisly results if the round is configured properly.

The rifle uses removable box magazines in a variety of capacities, containing the ceaseless rounds and a small power-pack to help run the weapon.

Two mains variants of the weapon exist - the 3109 Marksman and 3110 SSW.

All three are broadly interchangeable parts, the main differences being that the 3110 has a much more robust cooling system to cope with sustained constant fire, while the 3109 comes equipped with a variable magnification sighting system and a longer barrel to give a higher maximum velocity than the other variants, albeit at the cost of a generally lower rate of fire.

All variants have integral range finding to properly set the rounds detonation distance, although this can be overridden to simple Proximity or Impact detonation at the user's whim.

The weapon is designed for use by an Augmented, or at least armoured individual. While it's entirely possible to use it in civilian clothing; Programming the weapon on the fly is not the easiest with the limited controls available, and only meant to be used as a fallback. Instead the weapon communicates through data points in both from & rear grips with the user, whether cybernetics or armour, to confirm information such as charge, heat, remaining ammo and allow for on-the-fly configuration.

IFF is included as well, so if the rounds are going to hit a friendly target; they can be detonated early, or rendered inert in flight if required. The former is preferred, as it's entirely possible the projectile will be going several times the speed of sound, so even intert: Damage is likely still dealt to the target.

Outside of the controls for the round programming, the weapon holds to conventional firearms logic; Fire selector with Safe/Semi/Full Auto, (Limited to Safe/Semi on the L3109), two stage trigger and release catch for the box magazine.

(//Codex Entry Author: Alex Lee)

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