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(RP Animation) The Angel Run, an Unlucky Day (Angel Reach, ~4510 A.D.)

On the far edges of the Angel Reach, under the shadow of the mighty Angel Nebula; a series of astronomically close stars lead a passage through on the verge of the impossible to navigate particle fields of the Nebula. The only direct route between the independent systems of Old Bastion's Star in the Angel's Hook, and the Angel Reach, connecting to central Aquarius. Transports running this route make lucrative sums of old ISAR credits moving critical supplies and mineral exports between Bastion and newly annexed Helia, but the rewards come with the gravest risks.

These systems pass directly through what has now become the territory of the remnants of the pre-fall Tigersharks Cartel - defeated by the old UAS military operation in the Reach in 4349, they have since taken to opportunistic raiding from the relative safety of the dense particle fields of the Nebula, where the long-range scanners of Aquarian military warships cannot detect them.

However, recent developments in Aquarius have once again lead to the attention of the Aquarian military being focused on the cartel; but this time the incumbent powers that be have less humanitarian intentions than the final and complete extermination of the long-time problematic Tigersharks, at any cost.

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