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An update. I guess?

Just making an update post because I am (I think) just coming out of my "Phase".

Kepler in 2019 :O

Anyway right down to business, a friend is sending me a GeForce GTX 770, which I am going test extensively against my Radeon R9 280X, to get my own idea of how these two old competitors fare, in 2019. That post will be up in the soon(ish) future, but don't hold your breath on it. Thanks for understanding.

I also made a new Warframe Video, just casually enjoying Orb Vallis at nearly 144 Hz, the limiting factor is my RX 590, which even at 1600 MHz is being given a run for its money to keep that FPS. The 2700X just doesn't give a crap, lol. 4.3 GHz and Zero Fooks Given. :3

It's a good thing it's perfectly adequate for all my needs. Since I Can't Upgrade This Year.


Sash's PC gets a Clock Boost

Oh, I put the H110i back on the 2700X and boosted it to 4.3 GHz, I did type that a moment ago. I also hot-glued some 60mm fans to my front drive bays since I lost the covers (then I found them right after hot gluing -_-"). Anyway more airflow is good, right? Also The RGB LEDs. RUH GUH BUH!!. Ahem.

It looks great, right? :'D


Anyway, I am going to do more Hardware profiles soon, and also, obviously, one for the GTX 770. I'm pretty excited to get my hands on a new GPU.

Thanks Steiner! (You know who you are!).


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