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[Update: Sash is an idiot]:Anecdotally, I think Warframe's Heart of Deimos runs better on Radeon.

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

UPDATE: Sash is officially an idiot. I was playing with the deffered renderer enabled on the 1660 Super and disabled on the 590. That entirely explains the FPS difference. Lol.

590 with DR enabled:

Original Garbage:


Warning: this is an anecdote and you can bugger off right now if you're the flaky fanboy sort. Thanks <3

First off, why am I playing on a Radeon, when I just sold my RX 5500 XT because AMD's drivers are actually a potato? Well, I pulled the RX 590 off my wall, yes, that same RX 590, and decided to clock it down to RX 580 speeds and run some tests. Also, I needed another graphics card because I have a huge something(tm) arriving next week. Perhaps more on that later.

Anyhow, the GPU seems stable at RX 580 clock speeds (1340 MHz). So I threw it in my 2600X PC, but made one major change in preparation for the hardware change next week. By the way: no, I didn't intend this as a test, hence why I cared little for hardware changes, however that itself does play well into the title's meaning, as you'll find out...

I swapped my RAM from 3200 14-14-14-31 b-die, to some potato corsair 3200 16-18-18-36 but it's running at 2666 18-18-18-something really high.

So, uh, you're probably wondering why I even said "Runs better on Radeon"; if the game was mostly CPU bound with my GTX 1660 Super (check my channel) in fighting, and I just nerfed the CPU performance of my processor by a not-so-insignificant amount? Well...

I think I know what might be causing it, and I'll wait until next week to test it (somewhat). I was playing with Windows's new "GPU Hardware Scheduling" feature enabled on the GTX 1660 Super, and while I think this may have benefted Borderlands 3 and Fallout 76, I have heard it can even reduce performance in some cases. Of course, the Polaris-based RX 590 doens't support that in software (yet), and that (And a complete windows re-install, windows actually sucks) is the only major difference that could potentially give the GTX card a disadvantage that I know of.

Sash. Stop babbling, Just get to the point!

Okay, well here is me playing Heart of Deimos on the GeForce:

  • RAM: 3200 14-14-14-31

And here is me playing it on the RX 590 (it's liquid cooled), but the ram is:

RAM: 2666 18-18-18-36~

As I said, it's anecdotal. And I need to test the GeForce with GPU Hardware scheduling disabled, on a clean install of Windows, which I will do next week. But, it just felt a bit higher FPS on the Radeon card. Maybe it's because I'm a hardcore AMD fanboy deep down.

On the flipside, Fallout 76 and Borderlands 3 run a lot better on the GTX 1660 Super and I suspect this is a software "issue" if it's even an issue at all. Also Nvidia's drivers work.


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