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Assorted Role Plays: An alt. Backstory to the Original Universe (feat. my Best Friend's Faction)

I am sure my best friend doesn't mind. UK1 is his faction, and this piece represented one of the "restarts" to the story (I changed my faction a lot) and backstory to that situation in our Original Universe (known to us simply as "The Game"). We used to Role Play with lego space ships and had some amazing adventures and I will fondly remember them.

This piece is very old. An original concept, it is not canon in any way but it is a nice piece of flavour I guess. I say because in this piece the faction is "UTF" (Unified Terran Federation), this is indeed very old, over a decade ago, as canonically the faction is "UTN" (Unified Terran Nations). In this piece I am using the "OSN" as my faction, which is not canon of the current timeline. Oh and don't get me started on the UTE, seriously lol... it's a bit of a fustercluck but I will make a post on it some day to explain :D

You have been warned! O_o


In 2078 the old nations of earth, inevitably entered the Fossil Wars, a war driven by each nations desire to claim the last remenants of carbon fuel that remained un-mined. Entire empires were brought down by the lack of a clear liquid, for without it, their machines of war would be rendered useless. And the lack of an empire's military inevitably led to its downfall, the war raged for so long many of the nations forgot why they were still fighting for something that had already vanished.

In 2099 the Earth was reduced to all but a smoldering shell riddled with craters from the weapons of those too greedy to consider the ultimate effect of this conflict. At the Turn of the century, 2100, many of the Earths nations had fallen and been lost forever, entire cultures destroyed, billions of lives ended. However, due to the change in enviroment and mainly the lack of a fuel that had powered there way of life for so long, the remaining nations of earth were forced to adapt to their new world, a barren war-torn world. In 2103 the remaining nations declared a cease fire and the prospect of peace glimmered in the minds of those that had the most suffered: the people.

Even though the nations no longer waged war with each other, they secretly planned their escape from earth, into space, and in doing so the destruction of the other nations, for war never leaves humanity. Each nation seeking a "fresh" start free from the corruption of its rival nations drove them to develop the first true space warships. In the year of 2135 the surviving superpowers of earth united to form three massive factions: the UTF, the Unified Terran Federation was formed from what used to be the USA and Canada, the UTF was a federal power led by the former US president, it was by far the largest faction, and it seeked to unite humanity under the president and enter space a unified race where a new life could be built.

However as the UTF developed it became more like an Empire than a federation, enforcing its will with sheer military might. In 2140 it became the UTE the Unified Terran Empire, and seeked to enforce its oppressive rule over all of humanity. Many rebelled against this new military state, and in turn many where killed because of it. UK1, UK1 formed from what used to be the United Kingdom, it was a diplomatic state, a fair state where its citizens could live in saftey, or so they thought. During the years after its formation, UK1 began to shine at developing new and advanced technologies for civil and military use. Despite being the smallest faction, UK1 had an impressive military and was the first earth based faction to develop a true space fleet, the 1st Fleet.

UK1 intended to escape the corrupt influences of the other superpowers and begin a new age independantly, a fair democracy in which humanity could thrive, and still be safeguarded from threats by a powerful navy, UK1 quickly created a navy and gained earth orbit superiority, they began construction of a huge craft, in fact they would retro fit the biggest man-made object in existance, the UK1, an immense mobile mining station built by the UK and her allies before the Fossil Wars to search for new deposits. But she was never fininshed and was abandoned in her cradle; the Space Arche a huge dock built around the moon.

UK1 was the first to leave earth, they evacuated their population and boarded the UK1 Station, which after only a few years headed for the stars with a mighty fleet, and entered a new age. the final faction, but not the least, the OSN, the Order of Sereneian Nations. the OSN had infact left earth many years before the Fossil Wars even began. back then they called themselves "the free peoples alliance", for centuries they had been researching space-side technologies whilst the other nations waged war with each other. in 2061 the FPA left earth completely un-noticed onboard the Serenesis, a highly advanced ship that carried over 50 million people into the stars. they settled in a new system far from earth, after using the first "jump drive" that they had developed, they named their new home system Serenesis after the vessel which brought them there.

After hundreds of years the FPA thrived in the Serenesis system, and developed the first shield and energy weapons, centuries before the other factions even considered it a possiblilty. until eventually they formed the OSN, a unity of the nations of Serenesis, OSN had space warships equiped with shields and amazingly advanced technologies even before the other factions left the earth. the OSN was most certainly the cornerstone of human inovation. after many thousand years of prosperity, the OSN became, despite the peace, more powerful, utilizing entire fleets of warships equiped with amazing new technologies to ensure the protection of its people. at the present day, the UTF/UTE was eradicated, UK1 now thrives in its own sector of space and continues to advance its technoligies. the OSN was completely unknown to UK1 who did not even know if its existance, let alone its technolocial prowess that surpassed UK1 tech by several thousand years. OSN still thrives today, however, it has set its sights upon a new target, one that would, if destroyed, would be sure to bring about OSNs domination over all of humanity...

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