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Assorted Role Plays: Gate 392.

This is an old one. I made this many years ago, it is about the Aurc, one of my sci-fi factions. In this piece they are based on my original concept of human-decended, but in later role plays I changed their lore to be an elusive Alien Race believed to be decendant from the "Great Maikors"; a god-like (Hint: Kardashev IV+) race of energy beings that legend stated created the known universe.

Anyway, it's short and I can't remember the exact context, but I found this piece in my old hard drive. I consider this not canon of my current universe, as stated above. But it is a cool insight into what I was typing back then.


As the armoured warrior fell to his knees, the only thoughts that filled his mind were ones of his daughter. He had faught this war for her, he had slain many a beast for the Order, in the name of humanity. But it was truly in her name for which the warrior faught.

As blood poored from his wound, he felt a strange calm. His mind became peace, his body one with the ashes before him. The beast who had stricken its prey, would not wait for his final words.

Rentai died a hero, but it was his sacriface that has saved so many. As Gate 392's mighty blast door heaved and grinded, a black shadow in the lights of the Great City was cast upon the killing field where the warrior lay. His final vision was that of the Gate sealing shut, forever locking away the people of Aurcor, and his daughter.

The Aurc were no strangers to war. They had seen suffering since the first times. Rentai's death would only serve to strengthen their morale.

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