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Don't forget Animals during the current crisis: We need to protect them.

Animals suffer from human suffering caused by the Pandemic, whether their owners sadly passed away from this disease or cruelty continues even during the lockdown, Animals should never be overlooked and while I donate to charities for humans here in the UK with every purchase on PayPal (such as pizza!), please help the RSPCA continue to protect our little furry (or not furry!) friends who rely on us for their care and wellbeing. It is our duty as a civilised species of compassionate beings to be the guardian of animals.

Not just domestic animals, all animals. Sash could post many paragraphs on other concepts such as my opposition to factory farming and other animal exploitation industries, but that is for another day. I am not here to tell you what food to eat I am here to ask that you take a moment to consider the work the RSPCA does for our most valued companions, and wildlife during this time of need and forever.

Donate even just £1 to the RSPCA will help: Donate Online Today & Help End Animal Suffering | RSPCA

As the loving owner of two gorgeous feline friends, animals have always brought me comfort and companionship in my times of need, unjudging and unwavering. The RSPCA doesn't receive government funds, the Tax Payer doesn't fund this charity - the government doesn't think animal welfare is worth the funding, but I do. The pandemic has caused major damage to the RSPCA's financial situation and unfortunately many centres are going to close - putting more animals at risk when they need us the most.

Do it for them.

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