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Fallout 4 mods: Sash Joins the Enclave: Entry 2289-3

Oh my god. I did it again, I chopped and changed. Starting a new game was cool and stuff, but it's just tiresome to work all the way back up. So I went back to my end-game save, with Ashley Webb, the Director of the Institute. Anyway, the point of this video series thing, is to do the America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave mod, which so far is pretty damn awesome and I'm really enjoying it. So, Ashley goes all elitist on the wastelanders and their dirty mutant scum! Etc, etc. The United States will Rise Again!

Anyway, I really enjoyed editing this video. It was really fun. I have used Music by Tommee Profitt (really awesome stuff) in this video so all credit for the music goes to him and the artists in each song. Please check the YouTube video description for details! Thanks!

I hope it doesn't get taken down. I did actually email Tommee himself, to ask for a YouTube license, and he said I could use the songs on YouTube but his Label will use Content ID to claim money from them - that's perfectly fine of course, I'm just loving his music, it really fits with the mood.

This is actually Entry number 3, I am still editing 1 and 2, those will be uploaded soon(ish) unless I change my mind. Again. :D

Anyway, here's the video ~

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