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Fuck Everyone.

So what's this post about? It's about me wanting to tell everyone to go fuck themselves. There are a few people specifically, but the notion can be broadly applied to all people in general. Yes, that includes you the dumb idiot reading this blog post. You can go fuck yourself, too.

I should make a list of the people who can specifically fuck themselves the most. This list is not exhaustive and may be updated at any time.

Fuck Maik.

Fuck Nemes for not letting me back in the only server I ever wanted to be in.

Fuck me for being a mentally ill piece of shit.

Fuck my stupid arrogant piece of shit narcissistic aunt.

Fuck my stupid pathetic, weak minded grandmother.

Fuck my arrogant piece of shit father.

Fuck my arrogant piece of shit sister.

Fuck my ugly ass dumbass piece of shit uncle.

And fuck everyone associated with them.

But most importantly, fuck you, the average person. Going about your worthless daily existence without a care in the world for what matters.

Fuck Charcharo for having an abnormally large phallus and oppressing me with his existence.

I can't wait to watch the world burn.

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