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Gaming on Integrated Graphics: Warframe on the Ryzen 5 3400G.

Since my main PC is busy Crunching/Folding, I'm taking the opportunity to play around with my AMD Ryzen 5 3400G, which is an 'APU' (Accelerated Processing Unit...) in AMD terminology, or just a semi-SoC in Sash terminology, but closer to the full SoC than other semi-SoC like Pinnacle Ridge for example (2700X). That is because this little guy has something very important integrated onto the chip right next to the CPU; something you already guessed due to the title of this post. ._.

Yes, it has an integrated graphics processor. By the way, I still call it a 'Semi-SoC' (System on Chip) because it doesn't have a modem/network interface integrated on-die (that I'm aware of), but it's close!

Anyway... Mandatory bit of babbling: 3400G is essentially the same silicon as the 2400G before it, but ported to GlobalFoundries's newer 12nmLP node for improved voltage/frequency/power characteristics and a slightly higher frequency ceiling as a result. So it's a higher clocked Raven Ridge processor (2000U/G series) and that is fine by me. The GPU consists of 11 Vega-class (GCN5) Compute Cores with 64 Stream processors each (4x16-wide SIMD units) so that gives you 704 SPs in the iGPU and they run at 1400 MHz normally, giving you just shy of 2 TFLOPS of single-precision (32bit) shader arithmetic throughput. But I am running it at 1500 MHz. Oh and the GPU has 8 pixel/clock, a single raster / geometry engine and 1MiB of L2 all to itself - but otherwise has to shag the chip's only path to memory, that which it shares with the CPU... dual-channel (128b) DDR4 interface at a nominal clock rate of 2933 MHz effective, but I am running the memory at 3400 MHz effective (1700 MHz m/fclk) which really does help extract a bit more performance out of this little guy.


This post has some videos of mine playing around in Warframe. I will probably (maybe?) update it. But first here is Warframe's new open world zone, Heart of Deimos, on the Ryzen 5 3400G. 720p and then 1080p. I am admitedly very impressed by the performance. It is not super high FPS leet pro gaming cosmic turbo FPS, but it's very playable and looks great - impressive for a processor that you didn't even have to buy a graphics card for. Oh, and with DDR4 prices hitting some sweet low points, 3200+ is easily achievable on a budget!

720P (settings in video):

1080P (settings in video):

I might have a mess around with beefier cooling and do some videos with the iGPU pushed to its theoretical limits (around 1700 MHz). Maybe.

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