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Gaming Video: Sash and the hunt for the Thetis Signal (Elite: Dangerous).

After I found Generation Ship Thetis for myself, and my comrade tried to kill me for no other reason that I assume because he fell under the influence of the mysterious signal, I decide to undertake an expedition to locate the original source of the signal that damned Thetis and her population to their deaths centuries ago.

In this video I visit the distant part of the Dala system; around 15 Light Years from the Nefertem system which within resides the derelict Generation ship Thetis. One of the planets orbiting the binary system's smaller, distant star was of interest to me due to is close proximity to the star. Unable to land on that world, I visited its only moon and landed to use the SRV to scout the surface.

It was cold and lonely out there, but I felt something was out there, just waiting, watching. I also detected some unusual signals on the moon's surface, but without knowing their original I am forced to assume they were simply anomalies on the SRV's scanner.

This will hopefully be a multi-part video series if I don't procrastinate too much. I am really enjoying the mystery (even if no such signal can be found in game, which let's face it: is likely the case).

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