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(Gaming Video) Sash-Grendel-Sama Noms Corpus. (Properly this time).

I'm also listening to Amazon Music, so this isn't going on YouTube. Bloodbound is so good <3.

Anyway, believe it or not, I've only just realise that Grendel's "feast" ability targets the mob under the crosshairs and not just generally in front of his huge gob. Which changes everything. I mean, now that I learned that, I am so much more effective with Grendel; especially nomming at range.

So yeah. About half way through the video. You'll probably notice the nomming rate increases substantially, or you'll just not watch the video but I don't really care.

Playing on my Ryzen 5 2600X and Radeon RX 590 here. The 590 is downclocked to 1500 MHz because it's old and I've sort of degraded it with some dumb overclocking attempts, but hey, performance is still good. It's Liquid cooled with Kraken G12 and Asetek 570LC, by the way.

Some nice 100+ FPS gaming from Ryzen 5 2600X again. But, uh, ignore that because playability doesn't matter. Remember that.

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