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(Gaming Video) Super-Ultra Mega-Tasking on TR 2950X while Playing Warframe.

Sorry about that dumb title, but MEGATASKING! Uh, anyway, here is a video of me playing Warframe on my server (because my desktop is busy doing important stuff, WCG+FAH) while aforementioned server also runs a bunch of compute stuff in the background.

There are two GPUs in this machine, a GTX 1650 Super and a GTX 1660 Super. Due to my priorities, the GTX 1650 Super is the processor tasked with rendering the game. The GTX 1660 Super is more efficient/faster in FAH and the 1650 Super is more than fast enough for basically all the games I actually play (at 1080p) :D

The TR 2950X is running a few other things, mainly WCG with 40% Thread utilisation set, and some server-y stuff too. There's quite a few applications open and in memory; you can see that on the OSD. Other useful specs are on the OSD, too.

Anyway, the video! Because having tons of threads and RAM can indirectly benefit even Warframe, because I don't just sit there and play a game on my PC, it is expected to run a lot of other stuff, too! I love Ryzen. Did I mention that? Because I do. I also love THREADS.

Okay, the video. Here it is!

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